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Meal Plans

We maximize the nutritional value of every offering, but our ultimate goal is to create an experience that will evoke a passionate response. As part of that goal we have several different meal plans to choose from.

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designated the following meal plans for the 2017-2018 academic year. If you would like to purchase a meal plan or make a change to an existing plan, please stop by the Cardinal Cafe located in the Student Union.

We offer three excellent choices for your ever-changing schedules:

  • PLATINUM PLAN $355 per semester
    75 Meals

  • GOLD PLAN $255 per semester
    50 Meals

  • SILVER PLAN $155 per semester
    25 Meals

Please Note: You can only switch Meal Plans during the first week of each semester.

Having trouble selecting a meal plan? Try considering your daily routine. Do you eat three meals a day? Will your class schedule, studying, extracurricular activities and social events interfere with dining? Will you miss dinner due to employment or evening classes? Anticipating answers to these and similar questions will help you to select a meal plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Student IDS: Your Student ID card is your passport to meals on campus. All Student ID cards are the property of Concordia University. Students are responsible for maintaining their ID cards. Lost or damaged cards may be replaced in the Student Services Building for $25.

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